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Episode 1

Bright Rod Run

This episode was recorded over a year ago at the Bright Rod Run in NE Vic. It was my first test run into interviewing Truck guys and I thought it was only fitting to play them in this episode.

Episode 2

Coop’s Rod and Custom

This episode we catch up with Adrian Cooper of Coops Rod and Custom. He is located just north of Albury NSW, you can find him on Facebook, and we have a great chat about his history, and the shop. If you have a classic pickup you need worked on, Adrian is your guy!

Episode 3

Delmo Speed

This episode we jump on a virtual 747 and fly to Prescott, Arizona, to catch up with Del Uschenko from Delmo Speed.

Fresh off a real 747, and after a few days of drooling at trucks at Dino’s Get Down and The Good Guys show in Scottsdale, Arizona I drove up to Del’s new shop and sat down for a chat.

Episode 4

Rocky’s 57′ GMC

This episode we sit down with Rocky, a Kiewa Valley local, who has been a spraypainter / panelbeater, his whole life. Now that he has retired, he spends his days restoring a rare 1957 GMC Suburban Carrier, his attention to detail is second to none, and the story of how he came to have the truck is a beauty.

Rocky is old school. No Instagram, No Facebook, No websites, just a passionate bloke working away to achieve a goal. I will post some pics of what his truck will look like once finished, and a few sneaky shots of the build in progress.

Episode 5

Classic Pickup Supplies

This episode we catch up with Dean, Robyn and Ben from Classic Pickup Supplies in Coolum Beach, QLD. This family owned business has been supplying Aussie builders with parts for seventeen years.

So if you have a US built Classic Ford or Chev, then this is the shop for you.

Episode 6

Kieran Terr

This episode we ignore the advice of the health department and board a virtual international flight to Cork, in Ireland to chat with Kieran Terr about his two unique builds. He has a 1954 Chevy pickup, and a 1951 Ford truck, so there is a good range of info. Every country has its unique challenges with building vehicles and its great to hear how Kieran went about it.

Episode 7

Mark Conners

This episode we chat with Mark Connors from Ultim8 Car Fit in Albury, NSW. Mark has built a beautiful 1951 Ford F1 pickup on a Holden chassis platform.

Episode 8

Josh Carter

This episode we are in the throws of COVID-19 histeria, however we push on, and have a chat to one of the locals here in my home town, Josh Carter. He has recently moved over with his family from Adelaide. His 1952 Chevy 3100 pickup is a beauty, and we have a chat about some of the setbacks he has had getting it registered.

Episode 9

Tony Otto

This week we chat to Tony Otto. He is finishing up his second ground up International build, the first was an AR110 and this current project is a one off slammed Scout 80.

Episode 10

Gareth Kemp

This week we chat to Gareth Kemp about his original paint 1950 Ford F1 pickup. Gareth is passionate about his classic vehicles, including a 1960 Chevy sedan, 1953 Buick and a nice old chopper as well.

Episode 11


This episode we catch up with Nathan at Glass4Classics, and talk all things Glass. Whether your building a Chev, Ford, Commer, Bedford, you name it, they have the glass and rubbers for your cab.

Episode 12

Steve Humphrey’s 1955 Bedford A2

This episode I caught up with Steve Humphrey our of Bendigo, Victoria. He is building a wild 1955 Bedford A2 pickup. Big Block power, Unique Australian styling, custom suspension, what’s not to like!

Episode 13

John Flanders @pickuptrucksdownunder

This episode I caught up with John Flanders, he drives a beautiful 1955 Chevy pickup that he imported from the States. He is also the man behind pickuptrucksdownunder, an Instagram and now facebook page sharing pics of Australian owned pickups of all brands.

Episode 14

Alex Sumner 1953 International AR160

This episode I caught up with with Alex Sumner. He is just completing the final touches on his 1953 international AR160 build. Its on a Ford F100 chassis. Have a listen to how the build changed over time and the final results.

You can check out Alex’s build on his Instagram page, @alex.sumner1964

Episode 15

Steve Mazic’s 1952 Chevy

This episode I caught up with with Steve Mazic and his mate Tom Brown. They are building a 1952 Aussie Chev truck. This is a ground up custom build, original chassis, airbags, big block, patina, all the good stuff. We had a great chat about the process, lessons learnt and CC cans drank!

Episode 16

Michael Whipps 1950 Chev

This episode my planned guest fell through, so I reluctantly decided to tell my story. I talk about my build quite a bit in other episodes, so I thought it about time to share my journey with you. Hopefully I don’t send you to sleep!

Episode 17

Dino’s Chevy Only

This episode I caught up with Dino Battilana, host of Dino’s Getdown in Arizona and the man behind the Chevy Only brand. Dino has been driving a C10 ever since he was 13 years old and he has never not owned one!

You can see info on Instagram at @dinoschevyonly, @dinosgitdown, facebook, and at his website,

Episode 18

Peter Brothers 64′ Chevy

This episode I caught up with Peter Brothers from Hastings in New Zealand. Peter is building a killer 64’ C10 truck and we had a great chat about his build, Australian V NZ engineering requirements and a whole lot more.

You can check out Peter’s build on his Instagram page, @C10kiwi

Episode 19

Troy Brodie from Fink Engineering

This episode I caught Troy Brodie, from Fink Engineering. Troy is a NSW Vehicle Certifier, he is also classic pickup enthusiast. We chat about his 46’ Dodge pickup, and get deep into the in’s and out’s of vehicle Certification in NSW.

You can check out Peter’s business on Facebook, Fink Engineering.

Episode 20

LS Conversions, Gareth Houghton

This episode I spoke with Gareth Houghton from LS Conversions in Sydney. Gareth specializes in LS engine swaps, and is an avid Classic Pickup builder himself, currently working on a 6.7L Cummins powered GMC COE. Lots of great advice or anyone considering an LS swap or build.

You can check out Gareth’s business on Instagram, @ls_conversions and on Facebook, LSConversions.

Episode 21

Builders Catchup

This episode I caught up with four of our past guests who are still ‘in the build’.

Rocky from Episode 4, Steve Mazic from Episode 15, Steve Humphrey from Episode 12 and Adrian Cooper from Episode 2. We had a good chat and caught up with progress on their builds.

To check our more info on these builds head to our website and you will find links to all four builders social media sites.

Episode 22

Shane Peterson’s 1976 Dodge D5N

This episode I spoke with Shane Peterson, he is the son of Burnout King John Peterson who terrorised the drag strips and burnout comps in Victoria for many years, in his trademark Ford Zephyr’s. Shane is restoring JP’s 1976 D5N Dodge pickup. We had a good chat about his life growing up and the influences his old man has had on him. The dodge build is Shanes the completion of what his old man started.

Episode 23

Leon Davies, Big L’s Chop Shop

This episode I caught up again with Leon Davies from Big L’s Chop Shop down past Geelong. We chatted briefly with Leon in Episode 1, he had Truckee, his 48’ Ford F-1 parked up at the Bright Rod Run. He had been turning out some very nice Classic Trucks and Hotrods.
You can check out Leon’s business on Instagram, @big_ls_chop_shop and on Facebook, Big L’s Chop Shop.

Episode 24

Jason Bittle Chevy Apache’s

This episode I caught Jason Bittle out of Sydney. Jason has two awesome Chevy Apache trucks in his Garage. One is a 59 Stepside, the other a 58 Fleetside. I first met Jason in Arizona at Dino’s Gitdown where he had his 58’, it was built by Rick from @home_grown_rides in AZ. We had a good chat about both trucks and the process of building a custom truck from scratch, from another country.

You can check Jason’s trucks on his Instagram @58_59_slammed.

Episode 25

Doug Matthews, The Rubber Shop

This episode I spoke with Doug Matthews from the Rubber Shop in Brendale, Qld. Doug has been supplying rubber to builders for ten years now and is in the final stages of a 1940 chev pickup build.
You can get in contact via Facebook, The rubber Shop or the website,

Episode 26

Mohammed, 1959 Chevy Apache’

This episode I spoke Mohammed, from Muscat, Oman. He is building a 1959 Chevy stepside small window apache’. Mohammed lives in the Middle East and studied in the US. He purchased a 66 Mustang whilst studying there and shipped it back. Years later he decided to bring in a pickup and got hold of this Apache. Vehicle rules in Oman are very strict, so it was great to hear how he is going about this build.

You can get follow the build via his Instagram account @betsey_apache.

Episode 27

Ryan Carter, United Speed Shop

This episode I caught up with Ryan Carter from United Speed Shop in Newcastle, NSW. Ryan specialises in high end Suspension solutions for your classic build, weather it be a coilover or airbag build.
You can check out their work via their website,, subscribe to their Youtube channel, Instagram or facebook @unitedspeeshop

Episode 28

Brendan Carroll, Car Builders

This episode I spoke with Brendan Carroll from Car Builders. They are an Aussie company specialising in thermal acoustic insulation products. So if your building a vehicle, or have one that’s a bit noisy or a bit hot, check out the great products they have. Brendan is also a truck guy, from the early days of mini trucking to his current GMC squarebody he has the experience and knowledge to help with your build!

You can get in contact via the website,, Instagram, Facebook and youtube.

Episode 29

Matt Dietrich’s 1965 Ford F100

This episode I spoke with Matt Dietrich from Geelong Differentials. Matt has a slammed patina 1965 Ford pickup that he put together with the help of Leon from Big L’s Chop Shop. He also has a passion for restoring old Dragstar bikes.
You can check out Matt’s truck on his Instagram, @matt_dietrich

Episode 30

Enthusiast Motor Insurance, Brett Williams

This week I spoke to Brett Williams from Enthusiast Motor Insurance, Brett comes from a mini truck background, but has worked in the Automotive Insurance field for a long time. So weather you have a Vehicle in the build, or on the road, have a listen and consider Enthusiast Insurance to protect your ride.

You can check them out via the website for a quick quote,, or on Instagram and Facebook.

Episode 31

Alan Andersons 1964 Ford F100

This week I spoke to Alan Anderson, he has a 1964 Ford F100 that is patina perfect! Alan bought the truck in Arizona and brought it back here, then set about building a nice restomod driver.

You can check out his truck on Instagram @64effy or he is a regular poster on the Ford F100 facebook pages.

Episode 32

Steve Darnell, Welder Up, Vegas Rat Rods.

This week I finally caught up with Steve Darnell, from Welder Up, Las Vegas. Steve’s show, Vegas Rat Rods has four seasons of awesome truck and car builds on the Discovery Channel. Here in Australia you might know it as Sin City Motors. We have a good chat about his early days and influences. If you haven’t seen the show, do yourself a favour and check it out.

You can check out his work at, on Youtube as Vegas Rat rods, or do what I did and go visit his shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. You wont be disappointed.

Episode 33

Dusty Flynn’s 51′ Chevy

This week I sat down and had a great chat with Dusty Flynn, he has an awesome patina 1951 Chevy pickup, originally built by Stoner Speed Shop in Iowa, USA. As you will hear there has been a lot of upgrades to this beauty since then.

You can check out more of Dusty’s truck on Instagram, @dustyflynn

Episode 34

Graham Young, 48 Dodge pickup

This week I caught up with Graham Young, he has built an awesome 1948 Dodge Pilothouse pickup truck, as well as a beautiful 1955 Buick Century. We had a good chat about his life and passion for building classic vehicles.

You can check out Grahams truck on his Instagram, @graham.young.1004 and on Facebook.

Episode 35

Rob Veitch’s 59′ Chevy Apache

This week I finally caught up with Rob Veitch to have a chat about his stunning 1959 Chevy Apache. This truck was originally his fathers truck, and Rob has taken it to an all new level.

You can check out Robs truck via his Instagram, @robveitch72

You can check out Grahams truck on his Instagram, @graham.young.1004 and on Facebook.

Episode 36

Rachel Durbidge 63′ Chevy Panel Truck

This week I caught up with Rachel Durbidge from Durbz Kustoms in WA. She is spray painter with 17 years experience, and finally fulfilling the dream to own a Chevy Panel Truck, her 63’ panel is just in the final stages of paint and polish, and soon to be cruising the streets!

You can check out Rachels build on Instagram, @chick_durbz or check out her website,

Episode 37

Classic and Muscle Car Imports

This week I caught up with Leighton Kelson from Classic and Muscle Car Imports, he has been bringing American vehicle into Australia for twelve years now and gives us the low down on the what to do, and not to do’s of buying and importing a vehicle. Given the current climate and our inability to fly over and check out vehicles, this is perfect timing to hear this info.

You can check out Classic and Muscle Car Imports on Facebook, or give him a call on 0408131583

Episode 38

Sam Clarke’s 51′ Chevy Pickup

This week I caught up with Sam Clarke on the Gold Coast, he has a 1951 Chevy pickup that has had extensive chassis and suspension work, engine, paint, the works.

You can check out Sam’s truck via his Instagram, @samgrenade

Episode 39

Episode 39, Scott Birdsall, Chuckles Garage

This week I caught up  with Scott Birdsall from Chuckles Garage, in California. Scott has built a one off, 1949 Ford F1 pickup race truck, called Old Smokey. The truck runs a 6.7ltr Cummins Diesel engine, with Compound Turbos, putting out up to 1400hp. He has just broken the Pikes Peak Diesel record, and has big things planned for next  year.

You can check out Scott’s work on his Instagram, @chucklesgarage, or the truck at @oldsmokeyf1, as well as his Youtube channel Chuckles Garage. He also features often on the Hoonigan channel.

Episode 40

Episode 40, Matt Wilsons 73′ F250 Rotary!

This week I caught up with Matt Wilson on the Gold Coast. Matt has a beautiful Dentside F250 that he is in the process of putting a Turbo’d 13b into. Yes that’s right, a Rotary! Tune in to find out more.

You can check out Matt’s truck via his Instagram, @lazy8ones

Episode 41

Episode 41, Scott Farrand’s 67′ C10

This week I caught up with Scott Farrand, he is building a 1967 C10, short wheelbase, big back window, LS powered, Independent front and rear suspension out of a VE commodore, very interesting build so be sure to have a listen.
You can check out Scott’s truck via his Instagram, @operationcbomb

Episode 42

Episode 42, Builder’s Catch up 2

This week is builder catch up episode 2, I caught up with:
Rachel Durbidge, from Durbz Kustoms, episode 36, she has just finished her 63’ panel truck.
Steve Mazic and Tom Brown from episode 15, they are still deep in the build.
Steve Humphrey from episode 12, he is one engineers visit from finished.
You can check out their builds via Instagram, @durbz_kustoms, @griff_in55 and @stevenmazic

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